Need a bit more capacity in your pipe? Look no further than the Icky Stick XL.  Holds twice the quantity of the Icky Stick and you gotta love that shiny chrome. Also has a sturdy weight and size that a lot of people look for in a pipe. The average user gets four to six puffs from this bad boy. Keep it for yourself or feel free to pass it.       


  • Made from 100% anodized metal
  • Precision crafted with a unique maze filtration system
  • Engineered to stay cool using a 35cm maze-like path
  • Compact to fit in the palm of your hand
  • Anodized so it resists corrosion and wear
  • Fits perfectly in all Icky boxes


  • Length 3 1/4" Diameter 2/3"  
  • Weighs 3oz



Stick XL
in Chrome



Cleaning your Icky Stick has never been easier. Simply run the wand through the maze to remove any build-up. Too easy. Remember though, a puff off a newly cleaned pipe is always a doozy!

Icky Stick Cleaning Wand