I was skeptical, but now I’m in love!! The icky is amazing!! My throat doesn’t burn, one puff was all I needed with this. Would recommend 100%!!  

- Kim H.


Wow! What an amazing product! I have been smoking for a lot longer than I care to admit, and this is the coolest pipe I've ever seen! It's perfect.

- Sarah H.


I love it! No mess, easy to use.  

- Terri D.


Great product and AMAZING customer service if you ever need them. Highly recommend! - MJ

Icky changed my life.

- Pancho


I have to tell you...this is the best darn pipe I've ever utilized. I'm 45 years old and been around the block and back, this will NOT disappoint.

- Ace


I love this thing. It is a beautiful piece, and it's easy to tuck away. It''s a smooth and cool smoke. It is also very so easy to clean.

- Emy


Wow such a great little pipe. Clean burning, no smoke (other than exhale). Way less waste. Can't believe how far one load will go.    

- MDV1667


Just like it says. I love it! My wife asked me to get her one. So buy it already!

- Beto


Gives a smooth pull. Easy to clean. Very convenient to store and carry.

- Ish