This little beauty is a must for anybody who is serious about their herbs.  Our grinder will allow you to create a fluffy hill of herb that smokes a ton better. Take our word for it. A highly quality grinder breaks up your stuff to create more surface area and you will get the absolute most out of each puff. No waste.  The black on this grinder is always a classic and this little baby fits perfectly in one of our Icky boxes. A shameless plug for our humidors.  Had to be done.    


  • Precision engineered from aircraft grade aluminum for durability and the best quality.
  • Four piece design with micron stainless steel mesh that will filter out pollen
  • Amazing anodized finish resists smudge marks, scratches, corrosion and wear.
  • Sharp diamond teeth for the finest grinding with an effortless motion and no shredding
  • Powerful magnets keep the lid on and leftover herbs fresh and odor free
  • Textured sides on the lid and bottom give the best slide free grip when grinding your herbs
  • Tough and reliable, lasts forever
  • Smooth and quiet grind
  • Custom scraper included
  • Total of 50 teeth


  • Width 2.5" x Height 1.75"





in Anodized Black


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