I was pretty skeptical about this product controlling humidity levels of my flowers. I also use the CV jars, and while they have clamps and a rubber seal, they don't control the humidity as consistently as this box does. I have been very pleasantly surprised with the Icky Box, and it looks gorgeous - much nicer than a big silver metal canister.

-A. Smith


Great box! It is beautiful to look at and practical. It holds several cigars, herbs and/or whatever you like. The lid fits tight, the product stays fresh and the smell stays inside.

-Jeff S.


Outstanding quality!!! Fun and personable service!!! I have told everyone I know how nice this is, Great humidity control, organization, odor control, and it fits in perfectly with my decor!



This little box is SWEET! Nice tight fit on the lid, perfect humidity control via Boveda (gotta love the simplicity of a GREAT product), discrete and classy exterior, superior odor control.



Love this product and love keeping my sexy ass greens looking good. Kudos to you fellas. It's really is great.

-Elliot L.


As a carpenter who dabbles in wood working I am particular when it comes to boxes like these. Icky did a great job thinking through their design and just as good of a job with execution.

-Ryan C.


Amazing box!!! Did not expect the amazing quality that I got!!!!

-Nicholas G.


This box brought my dry herbs from bone dry to perfect within a day. Best investment you will make if you buy your product in bulk. Additionally, the build quality will surprise you.

-Eric G.


I came across this online and for the great price decided to give it a try, AMAZING PRODUCT! Keeps your stuff fresh and organized perfectly. Highly recommended!

-Jorge C.